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In support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Kindred presents


October is Breast Cancer awareness month and, at Kindred, we think this is a matter for EVERYONE. Male, Female, non-binary or however we choose to self-identify; we all came from our mothers.

Dialogue is always key and the more conversations we all have about this matter, the better. If we help raise awareness, funds and then a single life is saved from this campaign; then we have succeeded. But we need your support.

Why are blokes wearing bras?

Cancer does not discriminate and nor do we. The more we all do to unite behind fighting breast cancer, drive awareness and raise funds the better. Better consciousness, knowledge and dialogue will save lives.

How do I get involved?

  1. 1

    Download the app from and pick your product to share on your social channels, as it’s the proceeds from this that will go to the charity

  2. 2

    If you're a bloke, put on a bra! If you’re not, put your bra on the nearest bloke… and get the perfect shot.

  3. 3

    Share your photo on whichever social platform(s) you prefer along with the Kindred link (this is how the charities will get their donation).

  4. 4

    Don’t forget to #nominateamate to spread awareness and get the money flowing in the charities direction.

What are you waiting for? A template?

Ok then, to make it super easy just copy and paste the text below along with your Kindred charity link...

#BlokesInBras a @kindred_social awareness campaign for Breast Cancer & fundraiser for Breast Cancer charities.

#MenSupportingWomen fighting cancer affecting women & men worldwide. I am sharing what I love from [BRAND] giving you [XX%] off using [CODE] through the link [ON MY BIO, STORIES OR PASTED HERE]

Please join the movement – Download Kindred App on, choose the campaign you want to raise money for #BreastCancer – take a selfie in a bra & share your link & code!

Don’t forget to #Nominateamate (or 3!)

100% of the commission I make from this campaign will be donated to charity.